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C2P Advisory Group is a fiduciary-friendly insurance marketing organization that facilitates product screening, selection and support for all lines of fixed insurance products, such as fixed and indexed annuities, single premium and traditional life insurance and asset based long-term care products.


Positioning insurance solutions as financial planning tools

At C2P Advisory Group, we mitigate risk for institutions, advisors and ultimately American families nationwide through sophisticated case design, agnostic product selection and implementation of insurance solutions as financial planning tools.

To learn more about contracting or additional resources available through C2P Advisory Group, email Info@C2PAdvisoryGroup.com or call us today at (844) 381-4115.

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How do I…

  • Effectively position fixed indexed annuities (FIAs) as a financial planning tool?
  • Create appropriate documentation that my recommendations are in a client’s best interest?
  • Plug critical holes in my financial planning process and advisory business model?

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How do I…

  • Provide training and support to my advisors to use insurance products that meet best interest standards?
  • Implement a proven streamlined documentation process for my advisors for me to easily review, analyze and sign-off?
  • Give my advisors access to sophisticated product screening and evaluation to integrate insurance into a fiduciary financial plan?

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