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Product Screening & Analysis

Through our proprietary Best Interest Annuity Screening Process, we conduct an objective, thorough and analytical search of available products and providers to identify the best product fit for each case. We regularly screen more than 200 annuities to provide advisors with the strongest products available on the market based on a client’s needs and objectives.

Primary Criteria

Rather than relying solely on insurance ratings services, our in-depth product screening and sorting criteria considers five critical layers to help determine the best fit, including:

  • Income produced
  • Carrier strength
  • Fees and expenses
  • Accumulation potential
  • Renewal integrity

Secondary Criteria

After passing these overall integrity factors, a case is then reviewed against the client’s specific needs criteria, including purpose, age, length of deferral and payout strategy.

C2P Advisory Group has been running this propriety annuity screening process for the past six years, built to create an approved product shelf for our best interest process. We began doing this because we saw a need for it in the industry, not because the regulatory entities mandated it. With this intent, it has been tested and refined to be a systematic and functional business tool. With this process, we can help ensure the products being recommended to the client by the advisor can be mathematically proven to be in the client’s best interest.

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Annuity New Business & Policy Services

  • Assistance with obtaining and completing annuity applications.
  • Provide full review for good order and standard suitability items.
  • Facilitate expedient processing with the insurance carriers.
  • Timely case follow-up services and communication tailored to meet the individual needs of our advisors.
  • High-level problem resolution.
  • Assistance with a full range of Inforce Policy Services (Withdrawals, RMDs, Beneficiary Changes, Client Information Changes, Benefit Election, Death Claims, etc.)
  • Access to a teams of experienced annuity service professionals that can help navigate through any new, pending or inforce policy scenario.

Case Design & Illustration

  • Holistic custom case design using The Bucket Plan® Best Interest Process
  • Individual recommendations based on client’s needs, goals and concerns
  • The Bucket Plan holistic training and education

Licensing & Contracting

  • Variety of carriers available for annuity, life, final expense, medical supplement, and funeral expense trust business
  • Designated staff members to assist in the onboarding and contracting process
  • License, carrier and product training checks
  • Access to back office websites to track business and obtain applications

Compliance & Supervision

  • Best interest standards & screening process
  • Initial product suitability review

Product Training & Support

  • C2P Screening Process Product Guide
  • Product guidance and illustrations
  • Recommended crediting strategy allocations

Advisors affiliated with C2P Advisory Group have the opportunity access to our sister organization, Clarity 2 Prosperity, a financial training, coaching and IP development firm. This provides access to more than 20 turnkey financial planning, marketing and operational processes to deliver holistic services to your clients while running a profitable, systematic business. Through this organization, access ongoing live and on-demand training opportunities, from events and webinars to our online university style e-Learning platform.

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